Nicole Testa LaLiberty (Coco Maria)

My name is Nicole and I really like to draw. I'll be upfront from the start and say I haven't had much of what you might call "formal training." I went to undergrad for writing poetry and reading literature. Aside from some community figure drawing classes here and there, I've mostly taught myself through doing. I try to draw every day, because I want to get better at it and because it makes me happy. My goal with anything I draw is to make someone feel something (hopefully something good) because they can relate to what their seeing in some way.

I found my way into comics specifically a few years ago, and find it an incredible medium to say things people don't often talk about, so if something's stumping me or I feel very strongly about it, I make a comic about it.

Currently, I draw in black ink and digital color. I draw portraits, comics, and everything in between.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a commission, send me an email at: